Ex Zuccherificio Cecina

The sugar refinery was completed around 1899 with the investments of the company Etruria and the Tirrena bank.

The chimney still overlooks the city, thousands of men worked in it and millions of beets were brought in by trucks which then underwent the process of transformation into sugar.

The smoke from the chimney plagued the village, making the air and surrounding area sweet and sticky. The factory had its peak of success between the years 1903 and 1922 until the work gradually declined, many workers went home and the day came when the last bell rang and the last beet was processed.

This was another location that we got from acquaintances when we were exploring the same region. No information whatsoever about the accessibility of the factory and surrounding area. We searched for the factory on Google Earth and it looked promising so we crammed it into the schedule somewhere that same day.

No regrets at all. We spent at least 5 hours in the factory and we weren’t even ready when we had to leave, but we had more planned that day.