Urbex et Orbi


A real Urbex et Orbi piece of art on your wall, well offcourse thats possible. I deliver on Dibond or on Acrylglass 3 mm. Only the best quality for Urbex et Orbi prints. Want to know more, or would you like to do a enquiry please contact me.  Through out my page you will encoutner several images that can be printed and delivered at your house by an instant.

Architectual Sunrays

An old coal washing plant that was way ahead of its time when it was built. At least in terms of architecture, it is a very special building. Once inside you will fall from one surprise to the next, whichever way you look you will be amazed at the structure of the building. The architect must have been a big fan of (Maurits Cornelis) Escher’s designs. We spent hours here….

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Boarding School

Early in the morning on a rainy autumn day we snuck in here, it was still quite dark once inside so we had to wait for some more light. A former girls’ high school. It had been empty for years and there were rumors that it would be renovated, so we decided to leave for Belgium immediately. We spent many hours here and the pouring rain outside against the shutters and on the glass roof set the tone….

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Cabin in the Woods

Charcoal Power

Cut me

DDR Kraftwerk

Enlighten me

Esher Stairs

Lost in a trapped world

Pipe organ

Psychic Ward

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I can imagine you’d love to have a real Urbex et Orbi piece of art. Well that is absolutely possible. Contact me for prints or other stuff.

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