Villa M

It was important to get to the villa unseen, which seemed quite a task. In full view of the public road we had to climb over a wall. We succeeded, next step was finding an entrance to the villa. This was also quite a task. Once inside we looked at all the rooms, unfortunately a lot has been turned upside down in the many years that the villa has been abandoned.

We heard the day before the villa was on our schedule that it was a rather controversial location. A lot of people have been caught and taken by the police and even when the owner found photos of the villa posted online they ordered to remove them otherwise there would be consequences. This was all when the uninhabited villa had just been discovered and it was mainly overrun by the wrong people who came to rob the place.

We found this study room that was still relatively intact, the rest of the rooms looked like they had exploded. I moved a bit of junk out of view with my foot to get a nice photo. My partner in crime was waiting in the hallway, otherwise she would be in my picture.

I was looking for the right position for my tripod and finally found it. It took a while for my camera to take all the shots and halfway through those few minutes I accidentally shifted my foot slightly and luckily the tripod didn’t move otherwise I had to start over. But what did happen is that I moved the pile of junk that was there with my foot and that caused a toy police car to start wailing. That raised my heartbeat slightly and tried to get that siren off, but it didn’t work. I couldn’t get the batteries out either because I needed a screwdriver for that.

That siren sounding may have lasted 1.5 minutes, it seemed like forever. Marianne in the hallway thought the police were coming in the distance, luckily that was not the case. eventually it was her turn, after that we looked around for a while and climbed back outside. Over the wall we went and back to the car.