Villa Bellavista

It had been rumored for some time that a vagrant or homeless man had moved into the house and wouldn’t allow anyone to take pictures. Stubborn as I am I wanted us to at least try it. Maybe he didn’t live there anymore or he wasn’t home or we could just ask him for permission. All kinds of possibilities…

Once there, there was no sign of life to be seen, only at the neighbors a little further away. The house was very dilapidated and the roof had already collapsed for the most part. We found a small toilet window through which we could enter out of sight of the local residents. Once inside we went to work quietly, which was sometimes very difficult with old creaky wooden floors everywhere.

For us, it was mainly about the room that is completely painted as a birdcage. It’s done so beautifully, there are so many hours of work in this masterpiece I couldn’t estimate how many hours that would be.

There was once also a small chapel or something like that because there is still a room to be seen in 1 of my photos where there is a pile of pews, more than that there is nothing to recognize.

We also came across 1 room that must have been used as a toilet for years. The ceiling has collapsed and from the 2nd floor, someone is doing their ’toilet visits’ down there every day. The whole room is covered in used toilet paper, no kidding.