Villa Minetta

Looking at the exterior of the villa, you expect something completely different than what the inside of the villa shows you. A huge entrance with imposing pillars and a beautiful hall.

The richest man in Italy once had this built, after his death in 1905 the family paid off all the debts that were left from the construction of the villa. The villa was not inhabited for very long, the family moved into another villa a few blocks away and ignored the villa for a long time.

At the time of WWII, Nazis raided the villa and after the war, there were still refugees, followed by a large circus family. After that, another famous family lived there who modernized the place and after that, it was, unfortunately, a story of abandonment and decay.

The villa was supposed to be auctioned in June 2020 but it was then postponed to October that same year but I have heard nothing more about it. It could just be that it is already under renovation.