Villa Grazia

A beautiful villa with inner gardens and even a small chapel. Very early in the morning, we crept very gently past other houses on the same dirt road.

No one saw or heard us and we quietly climbed through a window to get in. We each went our own way. Until after an hour I heard ‘strange’ voices in the courtyard, I tried to get close unseen to hear what was being discussed a little better. I heard 2 unknown voices and the 3 voices of my buddies. They spoke English to each other and I made it out that they had to leave the building immediately.

But I still had to go around the entire courtyard and that did not go unnoticed, because the rest was already outside. I just walked around the courtyard where the 2 men saw me immediately, I said good morning to them and wished them goodbye, and climbed out the window with my gear.

What was the case, we thought we would try it early on Sunday morning then we have the best chance of success. So these 2 gentlemen who entered were construction workers and continued with renovation work. Who does that on a Sunday morning?

In any case, we were able to take some nice pictures and we managed to get away with it.