Monastery Fillippo Neri

Monastery Fillippo Neri

The start of the structure began almost by chance, from an idea of ​​​​Don Giovanni Bosco who, in 1851, climbed to the top of a mountain and found the ideal position to build an oratory and a college.

This monastery was built to function as a medical lyceum and boarding school run by Salesian priests. They have trained thousands of students here.

In 2017, the monastery with outbuildings was sold. The church has been restored and a large outbuilding has already been converted into small homes for the elderly and an adjacent retirement home.

On this hot summer day, we had 2 options to get to this mountain top, that was walking through the village which is never a good idea if it has to be unseen, or a brisk hike against a steep monk mountain path at the back of the mountain. The path was very narrow and you walked from one boulder to the other but once at the top, it was all worth it.

The monastery was very dilapidated but still worth taking beautiful shots.