House of Escher

House of Escher

This is definitely one of the most photogenic locations I’ve been to in all those years.

This is an old coal washing plant. The coal was brought in and removed by trains that passed under the building. The building stands on stilts so that the trains could easily pass under it.

Security is on the property every day so we sneaked in from the back early in the morning when it was still dark.

Today I was accompanied by 2 ladies who also like adventure, climbing, and getting dirty. Once inside it was still too dark to start shooting so we exchanged stories and had something to eat.

We found out that the security representative walks around and under the building once in a while, so we moved very quietly. Just before we wanted to finish our visit there was some commotion outside next to the building. A herd of yearlings had escaped from the pasture and ended up in the parking lot and yard around the building.

And we had to get off the terrain unseen again exactly over that part. We were supposed to hurry because if the farmer or the security representative discovered that the yearlings had broken a large fence, we could never leave unseen again and we would be stuck for hours that day. We arrived back at the car, which was parked a little further away.