Das Kurhaus

A theater that has been on my bucket list for a long time. Finally, the day came when we were in the area for some other locations and planned this one in between.

Once in the area we parked far away again, this eventually became very far away because there was 1 country road with no option to leave a car behind. Now we had to walk a few kilometers which was no problem of course.

When we got close we ducked into the bushes somewhere out of sight and discussed our plan of action and got to work. It was a hopeless job, everything was sealed, locked, and boarded up.

Then put plan B into action, and see if we can enter the theater through the wishing well that was in the middle of the courtyard.

One of us dropped into the drained pit and found a passage through the sewer at the bottom. We all descended into the well and before we knew it we were crawling on our hands and knees through the sewer and finally, we entered the theater.

Once we got inside we each went our way and switched when we were done.