Villa Filanda

This was another location I really wanted to go to. We had already been told by others that we had to go very early and that we had to watch out for the adjacent inhabited house.

We first had to go through dense blackberry bushes and a pile of rubble from a large collapsed barn that we broke our necks over. Finally arrived at the destination it turned out to be too dark to take pictures so we weren’t in a rush to unpack. We walked around the rooms for a while to get our bearings and started once we had usable light.

The house was partially ruined by earthquakes but still well worth capturing.

Just as we had packed up and were about to leave as gently as we had come, the neighbor woke up and let the dog outside. The dog was clearly taught not to enter the old house because we didn’t see it but we heard it barking nonstop. We tried to get away anyway and got stuck somewhere in the bushes.

The dog continued to bark so much because he realized that we were in the bushes but he didn’t dare to come and look. The neighbor even came to have a look, but luckily did not enter the bushes either. We could see them both but they couldn’t see us. We stood there as still as we could and when they left, we quickly disappeared too.

You can see the results below. I hope you enjoy it at least as much as I did….