For a change, I once visited a location in my own country, the Netherlands. A huge monastery that has been empty for years and has changed hands about 3 times in recent years. We had arranged with a group of friends whom I all know through my hobby. We had permission from the owner through […]

Monastere Des Chevres

AUGUSTINIAN.MONASTERY 1180 – 1990⁣⁣A former Augustinian monastery established around 1180, left abandoned for more than 30 years ago around 1990. For many years there are plans to convert it into a nursing home. ⁣ Never before have I been to the same location 3 times in 1 year. This monastery managed to lure me 3 […]

Eglise Hospital

WELCOME.TO.THE.HOUSE.OF.GOD ⁣ This is by far the most beautiful church I have visited so far and I have seen many churches in my life. The most interesting about this church is that it is freakishly symmetrical. Not really noticeable when you’re there but I discovered it when I was editing the shots months later at […]