Lycee V.

A type of location that is sometimes jokingly referred to as revolving door locations. They are open one week and completely boarded up the next day. Until someone breaks something to get in, which we never do. If something is closed, we try again another time until it works.

I had deliberately waited until it was a bit quieter around this location and with success, we walked in with 2 buddies. All I had to do was get through a very jammed door, and I finally managed to get through it.

Nothing was vandalized or covered in graffiti. Just the way we like it: just the right amount of beauty combined with decay.

Outside it had started to pour heavily from the rain, here and there the roof was leaking but nothing stood in the way of staying for a few hours.

In the meantime, the building has been converted into an apartment complex, I have not yet seen the final result.