Hotel De Paris

Despite the benefits of thermal waters, the popularity of these spa treatments has declined in recent decades.

Built in the early 19th century, the hotel once flourished for more than a hundred years, welcoming spa guests to its grandiose halls. However, about fifty years ago the doors closed for good. The reason is unclear. Perhaps it served briefly as a school, as evidenced by the old school desks found in the basement. In any case, it is unmistakable that the hotel is deserted.

Located in the heart of a small town, the deteriorating state of the hotel is visible from afar. Access is surprisingly easy, requiring just a quick sprint past unsuspecting passersby. Ironically, across the street is a thriving hotel from a well-known chain, a stark contrast to the misfortune of this dilapidated hotel.

While the main building is still somewhat standing, the outbuildings have suffered more. The reception, with a beautiful stained glass ceiling, is in a particularly sad state. The floor is dangerously rotten and certain parts are therefore impassable. This decline is especially heartbreaking given the former elegance of the property.