De Pastorie

This former rectory is located next to a resting cemetery and an abandoned small church. 6 years ago we already tried to enter here and we partly succeeded.

At that moment we entered through a gate that could only open a very small part but we pushed ourselves through it, we went through the walled and overgrown courtyard next to the cemetery and we reached the rectory. Through a window, we were able to climb in, after a few hours when I was in the attic I hear voices outside in the cemetery. It is one of those cemeteries that nobody comes to anymore because nobody has been added to it for decades, so it is noticeable when you suddenly hear voices. I carefully looked through the curtains but saw no one.

We moved on very gently and when we were done we climbed out the window again into the courtyard and made our way through the thick bushes back to the gate where we entered.
Where we found out that a funnypants had put a big padlock on the gate while we were in the rectory.

Just as I rattled the gate we heard a voice from across the other side ‘wait there we’ve already called the police’. Damn, we thought but there was nothing for it but to wait so I said ‘ok’ we’re not going anywhere.

After a few minutes a door opened next to the window we had climbed through and there was ’the voice from behind the fence’ with another over-middle-aged man. Clearly, they were more shocked than we were by this action and they told us very carefully that we had nothing to do here. We agreed and offered our sincere apologies to perhaps ease the suffering a bit (even though the police were already on their way) they accepted our apologies when we explained that we only took pictures and hadn’t touched anything. While talking they noticed that we had no ill intentions and one of them left to call the police off (yay)…

We talked about our hobby and they were so interested that we were stuck with it for almost an hour, but in hindsight, it was worth it because we got away with it.

And now, 5 years later, the rectory is still there, and stubborn as I am, I went there again. This time with 2 friends, we had to climb over a fence on the other side of the courtyard and this time a door was open and we could walk right in.

Everything went smoothly, once inside we had to wait an hour until we had enough daylight inside because we arrived at twilight. Unseen we left just as we came.