Château Secret

My buddy and I had this one in our top 3 for a while, finally, we planned a road trip to France so we could go there. We had already gathered some information from others who had already been there so we knew what to take into account. Among other things, about where to park and how to walk, especially so that you do not bother anyone of the local residents, but also that you are not caught on the way there. Getting turned away on the way back isn’t so bad.

We have sometimes been turned away after leaving a location by a neighbor who came to take a look, he thought we had just arrived and he didn’t approve of us taking pictures. Then we apologized for disrupting his weekend rest and off we went. What he didn’t know is that we were just coming out and not going in. We had been shooting in the building for hours.

We had finally arrived in the area early in the morning, parked far away so that we still had a few kilometers to walk. Partly across fields and around a forest press until we arrived at the castle. It is always exciting what and in what condition you find something. Through the kitchen door, we were able to walk in and found a fully furnished and equipped castle. Just like you imagine a castle with a large entrance, large stately furniture, and a huge staircase. There was also, of course, a large Hollandsche Staande Klok in the hall.

We both went our separate ways and would meet again later somewhere. It didn’t take long before I was standing in front of a window somewhere, my camera was busy and I was daydreaming outside. Suddenly I saw a dog approaching in the distance, I am absolutely not afraid of dogs, but if you are in someone else’s castle where you have nothing to do and a dog is walking outside, that can cause problems. He sat down at an appropriate distance and sat there.

I informed my buddy by sending a Whatsapp message and we continued. Moments later I hear something downstairs, inside and I knew it couldn’t be my buddy. Guess what, there’s a cat in front of me. Coincidentally the same color as the ‘dog’ outside, would they be related? Nothing wrong luckily. Luckily not a bloodthirsty watchdog.

We enjoyed ourselves here for hours.