Chateau Charmel

The story is set in France during World War II. The owner of the castle, a countess, whose name is not mentioned, had four sons who were all fighting in the war. Her husband had died some time earlier. With her family gone, the countess decided to abandon her castle and go to live in Paris, which she felt would be safer.

Before she left, the countess trusted the castle to a caretaker. The caretaker was responsible for protecting the castle and its contents during the war. However, the guardian was not able to prevent the castle from being damaged.

Soon after the countess left, the castle was transformed into a resting place for passing troops. The soldiers drank the wine from the castle’s cellar and damaged the furniture. Eventually, the castle was set on fire, possibly by the soldiers, in an attempt to make it look like it had been destroyed by the enemy.

The true extent of the damage to the castle was not revealed until after the war. The wife of the last guardian confessed to her role in the looting and destruction of the castle on her deathbed.

After the war, the family received compensation for the damage to the castle. They used the money to repair the roof, close the openings with bricks, and rebuild the staircase. However, the castle was never fully restored to its former glory.

The story of the countess and the fallen castle is a reminder of the human cost of war. It is also a story of resilience and hope. The countess was able to rebuild her castle after the war, even though it was never fully restored to its former state.